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Auto Repair Services

Our list of auto repair and truck repair services.

We also provide towing services for Benson and surrounding areas.

Auto, Truck, SUV Repair/Maintenance Services for Benson

NC State Inspection Station  

Official safety and emissions inspection station for Benson, we also do the repair work when needed.  More about Safety and Emission Inspections.

Brake Repair and Maintenance

Yes brakes can be maintained as well as other items on your cars suspension components.  Brakes are an integral part of your cars suspension, connected to work together. more

Engine Repair (major repair as well as minor repair services)

Major engine replacement or minor repairs like water pumps, alternators, gaskets, timing belts/chains. more

Engine Replacement

Replacing your tired engine can be a large project, but it can also breath life into your daily driver to keep your car on the road longer.  Typically fleet vehicles take advantage of our engine replacement services, but we also do engine replacement for our regular customers as well.  more

Tire Repair

In many cases, tires can be repaired.  Slow leaks, nails, tired valve stem can ruin your day.  We can check the tread depth, verify how many more miles left on it and repair it.  In most cases, when tires are repairable, you will save money over replacement.

Tire Replacement

New tires are one of those things “You Get What Yo Pay For”.  In most cases, the more expensive the tires, the more miles you can get out of them.  The more miles you get, the less frequently you will need a replacement set, the more money you save.


Shocks struts and suspension components are closely related in the the share the axle.  They also work in conjunction with each other.  Shocks used to be a separate item, back when cars were larger, heavier and certainly less complex.  Today’s cars, the shocks and struts are almost always one component, sharing the function.  They can be disassembled and repaired, but in most cases replacing the entire assembly is the most cost effective way.


Windshield repair on site, spray on bed liners, motorcycle inspections, racing fuel sales, small salvage yard for used parts, new and used tires, drag car repair, mounting racing slicks, custom exhaust, AC repair, diagnostics and on site wrecker service.

Quality friendly service with home town appeal.

Wreck service benson nc, International Roll Back.

Towing services for Benson NC.

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